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Day of the Dead altars in Atlixco and Huaquechula, Puebla

Due to a quirk in my travel schedule, I was able to spend this year’s Day of the Dead in Mexico. My friend Rebecca organized an excursion to Huaquechula and Atlixco, two towns not too far from Puebla city. Rebecca had gone to Huaquechula a few years earlier, and she'd had the kind of experience

Quick chipotle salsa in Puebla York

Since moving to New York, Crayton and I have suffered from intense salsa deprivation. It took me awhile to start making my own because I kept looking for chile de árbol, the go-to red table salsa ingredient in Mexico City. But the chiles de árbol in Queens always looked stemless and old and sad. The

My favorite food moments of 2012

I'm grateful for so many things this year. We saw a little bit more of the world. We had lively conversations with good friends and stared out at gorgeous vistas and sipped excellent wine. (And excellent mezcal.) I got to come back to a city that I love like no place else -- fetid air,

Homemade chiles en nogada

After taking two chiles en nogada cooking classes, I finally decided the time had come to make the dish in my own house. This was sort of an insane decision because I was working and traveling too much. And because, amid all that, I decided to go to Puebla to buy my ingredients. The fruit

The life of a mole pot in Puebla’s Barrio de la Luz

In Mexico, you can't just use any old pot to make mole. The best moles, it's generally known, are scraped and mingled together in a clay pot, preferably one that fits an extra-large wooden spoon. The pots conduct heat well and the clay adds an extra touch of flavor. And in my foreign eyes, you

How to peel walnuts for chiles en nogada, 19th-century nun style

Once I decided I was going to make homemade chiles en nogada this year, I became obsessed with peeling my own walnuts. Skinless, pristine walnuts are a requirement for the nogada, the creamy sauce that covers the Poblano pepper. The sauce must be white to reflect one of the colors of the Mexican flag; walnut

Eat Mexico’s newest food tours, in Puebla

So I've been holding onto this news for a few weeks now, but I can finally tell you officially: Eat Mexico has launched culinary tours in Puebla! We're pairing up with All About Puebla, an English-language website that's run by my friend Rebecca Smith Hurd. She's an amazing Puebla resource and an all-around excellent person.

Kicking off chiles en nogada season in Puebla

The 2012 chiles en nogada season officially started last weekend in Puebla. I was lucky enough to visit the city just beforehand and score a chiles en nogada cooking class with Alonso Hernández, chef at Mesón Sacristía, one of the best restaurants in the city. I've explained the chile en nogada process before, but cooking

Beyond mole — Poblano food in pictures

I was in Puebla this weekend visiting my friend Rebecca, who runs the excellent All About Puebla, an English-language online city guide. She's a badass go-getter type of gal, so when the two of us get together it always feels like we can conquer the world. She took me to some of her favorite places

So long, Puebla – A wrap-up of the International Mole Festival

After two days of Puebla's International Mole Festival, I came home to Mexico City with stars in my eyes. I'd learned about mole and regional Mexican food from some of the top culinary minds in Mexico. I'd met some of Puebla's top chefs, and watched mayoras make foods from their pueblos. And there was the