A quick guide to Mexican beans

Amid all the recent talk of beans, guess what I found yesterday? An entire page devoted to Mexican bean varietals, on the June page of my 2010 Mexican gastronomy calendar. (Yes, I'm a food nerd.) I had the calendar turned to March for some reason, so I'd been staring at a dozen varieties of ollas. When I finally updated it -- boom. Beans. There they were. The page was too big to scan the descriptions, so here's the key, starting from the upper left corner and moving from left to right. Now maybe you'll realize why I've been so confused about their names. There are so many bean varieties here, it's hard to keep up. Starting with the upper left corner as No. 1, the second row far left as No. 4, etc.: 1. Alubias 2. Ayocote café 3. Vaquita roja 4. Ayocote morado 5. Habas 6. Bayos gordo 7. Moro 8. Pinto 9. Flor de Mayo 10. Negros 11. Vaquita 12. Garbanzo 13. Mantequilla 14. Ayocote negro 15. Peruano 16. Sangre de toro 17. Amarillo 18. Alberjón I bought some Peruanos at the tianguis yesterday, and I'm excited to get 'em cooking in my clay bean pot. (As Joan mentioned in the comments yesterday, Rick Bayless says they've got a creamy texture, and they go wonderfully with pork.) Have you cooked with any of these? Any tips you want to share? Source: Todo de México Gráfica Gastronómica
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