A Taco Crawl of Sunset Park, Brooklyn

When I began testing recipes for my cookbook, lots of people asked whether I could find the right Mexican ingredients in New York. When I said yes, they said, "Are you buying them in Sunset Park?" I didn't know Sunset Park, a neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn, south of Red Hook. I had been buying my […]

On Cinco de Mayo: 10 things to love about Poblano food

Puebla is perhaps the only place in Mexico that celebrates Cinco de Mayo. The day honors the Mexican Army's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. For this Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to share more about the food in Puebla, which is some of the best in Mexico. All of […]

Eat Mexico the cookbook, now available for pre-order

My Mexico City cookbook -- the project that sprung partially from this blog, and my food adventures and tours in the city -- is now available for pre-order! You can find Eat Mexico: Recipes from Mexico City's Streets, Markets and Fondas on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Powell's. It'll be released officially at the end […]

Meet my newest creation: my son, Tomás

For the past six to eight months I've been working on finishing my Mexico City cookbook, which is finally complete. (More on that shortly.) But the biggest news of all is... I had a baby! Tomás was born two months ago. So far motherhood has been challenging, exhausting and, at the beginning, terrifying -- who […]

Mexican food find: Endotzi huitlacoche

In New York, I can't find fresh huitlacoche anywhere, and the canned stuff is pretty awful: musty and mushy, and too slick and black. A friend told me about Endotzi, a small company based in Mexico that recently started exporting to the U.S. So far you can only find it online in one place, Old […]

The pozole and the giant pig’s head

I admit I hadn’t really thought the whole thing through when I decided to make pozole with a whole pig’s head. Josefina had suggested that using a pig’s head was the most authentic way to make pozole, and other cookbooks, including Diana Kennedy’s, had agreed. I had already made pozole with pig’s feet and pork […]

Why I’m in love with Mexican pan dulce

I am pained when I walk by a bakery in Mexico and can’t go inside. It’s like going to a shoe store for me — I want to look at every single piece and wonder if maybe it’s my type. I usually stick to conchas because I’m obsessed, but there are plenty others I like […]

Homemade orange-pineapple juice

Lately, whenever people ask me, “How’s New York?” I answer, “Fine.” Then I realize that might sound negative, so I add, “Good! Fine. You know. Good.” What I really want to say is: I’m not sure if I like this place. Yesterday the temperature hit 51 degrees, it hit me that maybe it was just […]

Scenes from a Mexico City Street Food Tour

One of the things I’m most proud of is starting Eat Mexico, my tourism company that gives walking tours of Mexico City’s street stands, markets and taquerías. Our five local guides — three in Mexico City and two in Puebla — conduct the tours, and my fantastic manager Rebekah carries the day-to-day. I’m in the […]

Black bean migas with roasted tomato salsa

These migas caught my eye on the Homesick Texan blog a few days ago. Her recipe called for black-eyed peas, and it was already New Year’s Eve and I didn’t have any. (Does that make me a bad honorary Tejana?) I did have black beans, though. And a good friend from Austin who’d be joining […]