Announcing… I’m writing a cookbook.

One of the things I’ve quietly been toiling away on over the past few years is a cookbook proposal.

Late last year I found an agent. And just recently, I signed a contract. Kyle Books, a small publisher based in London, will publish my book — tentatively titled Eat Mexico — in the Spring of 2015. It’ll be a mix of recipes and stories about Mexico City’s street food, markets and fondas, told from my perspective as a third-generation Mexican-American woman. There will also be gorgeous photographs of the city and its food, and the people who fuel the informal and more casual food economy.

Going to cooking school, launching Eat Mexico — it all seems to have been leading to this.

I’m thrilled, and I really hope you’ll follow me in this process. More to come!

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38 Responses to “Announcing… I’m writing a cookbook.”
  1. Alfonso

    Ah! That’s so exciting! Congrats! I look forward to reading it. :)

  2. Jim

    That’s awesome. I love cookbooks with stories! I have one by Allegra McEvedy called Bought, Borrowed & Stolen where she talks about buying a knife from each place she visits that is for the specific cuisine of the region.

    • Lesley Tellez

      Hi Jim: Cool, I’ll have to add that one to my list. Thanks for the comment and I really hope you like the book!

  3. Travis Poling

    Fantastic news. This will be a definite addition to my shelves.

    • Lesley Tellez

      Thanks so much, Travis. Now you have to do a beer book so we can do an exchange!

  4. Lola

    I’m so excited for your cookbook! Best of luck in this exciting new venture.

    • Lesley Tellez

      Gracias, Lola. Espero que estés bien y te mando un abrazo!

  5. Don Cuevas

    I’ll be watching for it! Congratulations!

    Don Cuevas

    • Lesley Tellez

      Muchas gracias, Don Cuevas. Saludos a ti y a tu esposa.

  6. Gloria

    Congrats Lesley! Look forward to reading and cooking your wonderful food. Good luck on this journey. Happy THanksgiving.

    • Lesley Tellez

      Thanks for the kind words, Gloria. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Marcela Landres

    Beyond excited for you! Knowing you, it will be a wonderfully written, gorgeously illustrated book :-)

    • Lesley Tellez

      Thanks Marcela! And grateful to you for your listening ear in this whole process. You rock.

  8. Nicole

    Congratulations, Lesley! Yay! That’s fantastic! I cannot wait until it is published. Sign me up for a pre-ordered copy :-) I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Lesley Tellez

      Woo! Thanks, Nicole. You’re officially my first pre-order customer. :-) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

  9. Robyn

    Brilliant — congratulations Lesley. And Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Lesley Tellez

      Thanks so much, Robyn. I’m super excited about the news.

  10. Girelle

    Congratulations Lesley! Can’t wait till the book comes out.

  11. Janneth

    Congratulations Lesley!!!! I am so much looking forward to buy your book!! Very happy for you.

    • Lesley Tellez

      ¡Gracias amiga! I hope we can test some of the recipes at your place in Mexico City. :-)

  12. Billie

    Felicidades Lesley! Having followed your blog and tried some of the recipes you’ve so graciously shared, I look forward to adding it to my library!


  13. Fnarf

    Sold, sight unseen. Terrific news!

  14. William Archer

    WOW! Congratulations. I love the idea. And yes, living in Mexico City, cooking school and Eat Mexico will all come together. I am anxious to read it 😉

    Who will be taking the pictures?

    If you need anything from D.F. don´t forget I live in this huge metropolis.


    • Lesley Tellez

      Hi William: Thank you! We don’t know who the photographer will be yet, but I think both the editor and I have some candidates in mind. I appreciate your offer for DF supplies. I’ll be back often, but if you’re coming to the States anytime between now and February, let me know — I could use some dried corn to make nixtamal. :-)

      • William

        Send me your snail mail and I can send you less than 2 kilos by mail. Can you get c a l ? I assume you still have your nixtamatic machine.


  15. Laura Lopez

    I am looking forward to seeing it in print, Congratulations! Enhorabuena!

  16. Peggy Bilbro

    Chévere! It will be a huge success, I am sure! You have such a fun writing style!

    • Lesley Tellez

      Thank you Peggy! I appreciate your kind words, and am grateful to have you as a reader.

  17. Yvette @ Muy Bueno

    Yay! Congrats! I have no doubt it will be very successful! Best wishes and if you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask 😉

    Looking forward to it!

  18. Alicia

    Just saw this! That’s awesome news Wes! I’ll definitely be purchasing your cookbook. First TV & now books!

  19. bruce

    First timer great site! Searched online for the De Leon book, 250 to 750 is this the right prices? If so can you share the recipes with us?

  20. Angel

    Hola, Cómo va ese libro??? looking forward to read it!

    • Lesley Tellez

      Hola Angel: It’s coming along. I have turned in the manuscript and they’ve set a tentative pub date of May 1. So we’re moving forward! Thank you for asking.

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