Another big announcement

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments and encouragement about cooking school. I wanted to share some other big news with you today: I’ve started a new business!

My friend Jesica and I recently launched Eat Mexico, a tourism company that offers informal, fun food tours of Mexico City.

Right now we’re offering a four-hour street food tour, a three-hour taco tour and tours of two Mexico City markets. Everything is completely customizable, so if you want to seek out the city’s best bakeries or the best vegetarian places, or you really just want to eat grasshoppers and ant eggs, we can do that, too.

The whole idea is to show people realize how vibrant and layered the food scene is here. Real Mexican food — and not just the food, but the history and the culture of eating here — deserves so much more recognition. I am really excited to be doing my part to help get the word out.

Please check out our website and let me know what you think. If you live in Mexico City, we will be having a launch party sometime in the next few weeks, so leave me a comment if you’d be interested in attending.

So yes: cooking school and culinary tourism. This is the summer of Making It Happen.

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21 Responses to “Another big announcement”
  1. Jesus Chairez

    Great idea and I applaud you — a great idea Taco Tours! Great new site at

    You have been hard at work :-)

  2. Katie

    It looks great!

  3. sweetlife

    congrats, what a great idea…oh I wish i lived in mexico city I would love to join your launch party, congrats and sending you all the best in your new adventure..


  4. Adriana Legaspi

    Congrats about going to school again…Yuri is awsome!
    And pls keep in mind the prehispanic tour and cooking class in Malinalco for your new bussines…some day you will want to go somewhere else…authentic prehispanic market nowadays as close as it was in those days.
    it is just 1 1/2 hrs driving from Mexico city and you can go for the day only.

    • Lesley

      Thanks Adriana — I’m going to talk to my husband about picking a weekend to visit and do the tour. I’ll be in touch!

  5. alice

    This is wonderful! I wish you the very be and I’ll tweet this right now!

  6. Nita

    Congrats! Sounds like fun. Did you have to deal with a lot of red tape? Is Jesica from the DF?

    • Lesley

      There’s been a blessedly minimal amount of red tape so far — I’m guessing that won’t last. And yes, Jesica is from DF.

  7. Vadose

    Congratulations! What a fantastic idea. If I ever make it your way, I’m signing up!

    • Lesley

      Yay! We like babies and toddlers too, especially chubby ones. :-)

  8. Mike

    So, these tours will begin in a few weeks after the launch party? Too bad for me, because I’m taking a short vacation to Mexico City in a couple of weeks.
    A question…I know you shouldn’t drink the tap water, but, what about street food for someone coming from the USA.
    I’m planning to go to a few places you’ve written about…the bar at Sanborns in the Zona Rosa, Les Mustaches in the Zona Rosa, the bar up in the Latin Building in the Zocolo, La Polar for some Birria, maybe Charro or El Bajio.

    • Lesley

      Hi Mike: Nope, we’re offering tours right now. If you’re interested, take a look at our website ( and fill out the contact form — it’ll email us directly and we can start organizing an itinerary for you!

      You should be fine with the street food in Mexico City. Of course, if you’re on one of our tours, we visit places my business partner and I have eaten at several times, and they’re places we endorse. If you choose not to book a tour with us, I’d still recommend trying at least a few Mexican street food items — a tlacoyo or taco al pastor, or esquites. The key is to find a stand that’s clean and very crowded.

      Also, just FYI, Sanborn’s bar is next to the Angel, not technically in the Zona Rosa. Les Moustaches is also not in the ZR either; it’s in Cuauhtemoc.

      Hope you enjoy your visit!

  9. zipp

    Been planning to do the rounds with Nicky Gilman, now we have two must-do activities for our August trip–See you in August!

  10. Congratulations Leslye its a wonderful bussines

  11. Señora López

    What a cool idea for a business venture! I wish you the best of luck in your new career and in cooking school as well. How exciting!

  12. Nancy

    What are your recommended gratuities?

  13. Tobi

    Hi Lesley,

    tour sounds great, party even better!

    please let me know when you guys are launching,

    Bon apetit

  14. Lindsay

    Congratulations!!!!! If I ever make it to Mexico City, you are at the top of my list!!!! :D

  15. myparentskeeper

    Felicidades on your big news, Lesley! I’m so excited for you and very proud of you, too. Btw, I like the new look of your blog. Can’t wait to visit you one of these days. Un abrazo, Stella

  16. meandmypassport

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I love your blog! I’ve been reading for awhile (ie. drooling over the food pics, lol). Makes me want to visit Mexico City that much more. Congrats and good luck on your new business venture!!

    • Lesley

      Hey, thanks so much! I’m happy you’re enjoying the blog. Lovely restaurant pics of Panama on yours. I’ve been wanting to visit there — I have friends who’ve gone and really liked it.

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