The ladies of Mexican weather forecasting

Lesley’s husband Crayton is filling in this week with a few posts.

Allow me to introduce you to Angie González.

González is the afternoon weather presenter (I am going to try to avoid using the term “weathergirl” or “chica de la clima,” as they’re known around here) on Milenio, one of Mexico’s 24-hour news channels. Google doesn’t turn up much about her, except that she’s from Monterrey, like many of her female colleagues. Regias, as women from Monterrey are known, have a reputation in Mexico for exquisite beauty.

At my place of work, we have Milenio on all day long on mute, and González caps off an all-day parade of heavily made-up, scantily clad young women telling us whether to expect rain. Other networks also employ attractive women, but Milenio clearly pushes the boundaries farthest in terms of attire and invitation to ogle.

I’m accustomed to the U.S. version of the weather presenter, a guy in a suit with very white teeth and a hokey sense of humor, Willard Scott-style. But that’s not to say that the U.S. is immune or above this sort of thing. Bobbie Keith kept morale up during the Vietnam War. Jill Nicolini is a traffic reporter, but appears to serve the same purpose at New York’s WPIX (and with excellent screen presence and a good sense of humor, I must say).

Weather presenters have been around almost as long as TV. (Chicago’s Clint Youle was the first national weather presenter in the U.S. in 1949.) And people are supposed to be relatively attractive on TV. As long as that’s the case, broadcasters are going to push boundaries, especially with something like weather forecasting that doesn’t require a particularly serious or grave presence. (I think well-researched post about this weather-presenting cheesecake being more common in warm-weather climates, but I think it’s probably because those places have fewer weather disasters, like snowstorms, that might require a weather presenter with more gravitas.)

I’m not going to act like I don’t enjoy seeing González and Milenio’s other presenters appear on the screen. It would be disingenuous of me to say that. But the lengths to which Milenio has gone in its objectification are disconcerting. González is a pretty lady, but she’s also an animated person on TV and would do just fine in more professional attire. Milenio ought to cut this out.

I leave you with Chicago’s “weather bunny,” Kelly Bundy:

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42 Responses to “The ladies of Mexican weather forecasting”
  1. dressingmyself

    A while ago one of my Flickr contacts posted her local (Finnish) ‘weather boy’ – he was so casual (and so cute). Most of the contact group responded by posting their local weather person. The differences in style were very entertaining.
    For me, this is what makes me like the Internet – comparing the trivialities of every day live.

  2. clairela

    wow! no wonder it’s always hotter in Mexico! haha! She’s quite adorable. I think she could definitely wear a suit and still look fantastic, you have a good point.

  3. blackwatertown

    Good post. You’re right. But also a funny Married With Children clip.

  4. Maxi Malone

    I’m at a loss of words … and that’s rare.

  5. jatimlex

    Its sad what stations will do for ratings. there is something called naked news, to get ratings they have to strip. I sigh about this. If I were the type to want to view strippers I’d go to a strip site. If I want the news that what I tuned in for. I’m a red blooded American like the next guy, with over 26 years of marriage that is why I don’t go watch naked news. Maybe this could be called a weapon of mass distraction.

    • Rohit

      Naked news.
      I think a Russian news channel first started this to improve their viewership ratings.

  6. nickbreenloa

    I think they have stuff that is a little more hardcore so to speak in other countries.. I think you have to pay to watch it though, but it actual world news.


  7. Linda

    IS she going clubbing??? I got a feelingggg that tonight is gonna be a good nighttt….. lets do itttt Chihuahua!!!!!btw… how does she breath???

  8. Obet

    You think Milenio pushes the boundaries on weather girls issues? then you don’t see nothing, at least Milenio channnel is only available on cable. Check this videos from open signal channels:





    • popscure

      Agreed. Btw, is there really that much to say about weather?

    • Lesley

      The second one is the most cringe-inducing, I think. She’s trying to deliver the pronóstico while men are hooting and whistling at her! Of course that’s common in Mexico. But still… it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Wonder what a Mexican woman would have to say about it.

      The third video is interesting, because the lady seems really smart — she’s delivering the weather in a professional manner, except while wearing a push-up bra and a tight blouse. Most Mexican women professionals I’ve seen here in the city dress in a similar manner — extremely tight slacks, tight button-up blouse, heels, etc. I wonder if this is by choice, or the fact that there just isn’t as much variety here, clothing-wise, as there is in the States. Most of the clothing stores here are either for 19 year olds, or 50 year olds. There’s very little stylish workplace attire available in between.

  9. worldscientist

    That’s pretty crazy the focus on women that some countries have lol. I liked your Kelly Bundy clip haha

  10. Halo Reach


  11. Slamdunk

    Ha, I agree with you, but advertisers pay the bills and the audience seems to demand the weather info be delivered in such a manner.

  12. bmj2k

    This is just one example of the type of over the top TV found in Mexico and South America. Look at their telenovelas, their game shows, their luch libre, and you’ll see this kind of blatantly sexual and ridiculous presentation everywhere, and it isn’t limited to just women.

    • Lesley

      You’re right, but I don’t know if we should just dismiss it as “ridiculous” and leave it at that. I do wonder WHY the presence modestly dressed woman isn’t more culturally accepted here — why are Mexican women encouraged to dress in tight clothing, and Mexican men are encouraged to ogle them? How did that start?

      • bmj2k

        It is part of “machismo,” the way certain South and Central American men have to be superior and the women objectified. I didn’t want to simply dismiss it, but I think it is a lot more culturally complicated than jsut men ogling women.

  13. mushia

    these weather girls look like runway models;D

    what are they doing in news channels;P….go to milan!!!

    liked obets you tube clips…they look charactes from mtv teen age reality show…all “dressed-up”;)

  14. admin

    cool 😀

  15. Don Cuevas

    OH! My heart!

    Sometimes, (while in our doctor’s waiting room I see the silly morning show where a group of attractive young people chitchat about what seems to be nothing much to me. Meanwhile, cuties in shorts and barely bound bouncing tops hop around energetically.

    Good thing we don’t have television here at Hacienda Las Cuevas.

    Don Cuevas

  16. rakeshdhareshwar

    People talk about the weather when they do not have anything else to talk about . This ensures that they are atleast updated !!!!

  17. Terry

    No one gets close to “Petroulla” from Greek channel STAR… have a taste :)

    • Lesley

      Wow. That was um…. interesting. I think there’s a book to be written about the world’s different trashy weather girls. Or at least maybe a website devoted to it. Petroulla really takes it to a whole new level. Also: WHAT IS SHE WEARING?

      • Terry

        hahaha i dont know but i would like to find out… she is so hot… and she does this kind of weather rports for almost 2 years now… she is very hot in Greece and when she first came out she was on all news headlines looool

    • Obet

      Sex sells, and I buy it! (sorry I’m just a man) but this is too much.

  18. 1sidedoctogon

    i think it’s unprofessional and a little demeaning.

  19. Carl


  20. Crayton

    WHOA I just went blind looking at Petroulla.

    bmj2k makes an excellent point. I’m kind of taking the weather presenters out of context a bit, because they actually fit in pretty well among the roster of variety show hosts and telenovela actresses. And there is some male fluff out there as well, most notably on the morning show on Canal de las Estrellas, which features a yoga instructor who finds a way to dramatically whip off his shirt every morning.

  21. Noemi

    The only reason I actually like these women is because they are not sticks like everyone on the news here in the states. They look healthy and have curves and not like an emaciated kelly ripa. I think you have to look past the misogyny.

    • Lesley

      Agree with you Noemi that it’s really nice to see a curvy body on TV for once. It’s one of the things I love about living here — I feel like I fit in! Have to admit, though, that the weather girls make me a little uncomfortable. They’re encouraging the whole women-ogling culture in Mexico, and giving more power to the next guy to make a lip-smacking noise or hiss at me when I walk down the street. I *hate* those sounds. Can’t a girl wear a normal knee-length skirt and walk in peace?

  22. Don Cuevas

    “Most Mexican women professionals I’ve seen here in the city dress in a similar manner — extremely tight slacks, tight button-up blouse, heels, etc.”

    Geez, that’s just dreadful!

    Don Cuevas

  23. Don Cuevas

    I forgot to mention, Lesley. You are supposed to be resting and getting well.

    Don Cuevas

  24. Naff Tali

    Mucho Caliente`!! LOL There is a calendar based on Weather girls (not the singing group) available on the i-net I saw a few years ago. Thanks, I needed this eye-opener today.

  25. owenwbrown

    Speaking of ratings, and I hope nobody takes offense, but maybe Crayton should fill in more often.

  26. pursehappygal

    She is an attractive gal that would do just fine in a dress or even as the guy says,professional attire.
    That dress above all things is ugly and makes her look like she’s wearing a leather potato sack. It wouldn’t even be fit for clubbing. If you’re gonna give her something to show off her “assets”, at least give something that doesn’t squash her everywhere.

  27. Imaginarium of Pau

    Wow. Everything for the ratings! I wonder if we have something like that here in the Philippines. I guess none. At least broadcasting stations here still thinks – OR NOT since the regulatory board is just strict.

  28. Amanda

    Sooooooo glad we don’t have TV. Seriously we don’t and even when we did we never watched the news. This is just craziness.
    I can tell you one good reason why these women and as some of you said other Mexican business women dress this way. How many job notifications have you read while in Mexico? I have read many that say things like, Young attractive women, and other discriminating things. You can seriously be turned down for a job if some better looking person walks in after you. Its really sad to me but like someone else said this is so cultural that even when you bring it up to the women here most of them just shrug it off.

    • Lesley

      You’re right Amanda… I’ve seen ads here — supposedly professional ads — that request women “between the ages of 18 and 25″ for office work. Eee. I was even looking into Mexico City cooking schools awhile back, and came across a free open-house event on school grounds for aspiring chefs. It was for people under 25 only.

  29. Rik Ravado

    I have embarked on a study entitled “Serious Meteorology or Hot Weather Girls and Global Sexism?” (see site above). Whilst I deplore the way women meteorologists are exploited as objects of desire I have to admit that Mexico wins hands down in the hot weather girl stakes! – thanks for introducing me to Angie!

  30. Leah Flinn

    Although I love living here, in some regard Mexican culture is a bit hedonistic. From lavish fiestas, explicit reggaeton music at max volume, coca-cola given to babies, or howling at the half-naked women on TV, it seems to be all about self-indulgence into whatever feels good – damn the consequences. Of course not all Mexicans themselves are like this, but that’s the message propagated from the TV and reflected in mainly the youth. How sad.

  31. Um…what do they eat for lunch?

    Just asking a food related question. :)

  32. Señora López

    You have hit on a major pet peeve of mine. The Spanish language channels in the U.S. (Univision and Telemundo), are equally guilty with the objectification of women. When I have voiced this to Latinas, the reaction is mixed. Some women are so relieved that someone else feels this way and they open up to me. They say that it’s part of the culture, but not one they are in agreement with. Others say they embrace the pressure to be sexy and don’t understand “Puritanical” views that showing cleavage is not professional.

    I guess that, in the end, if a majority of Latinas aren’t offended enough to stand up and refuse to continue with the status quo, things will remain as they are.

    Also, in some ways, American (Anglo) media, is just as bad, but in different ways. The beauty industry is constantly bombarding us with the message that we must be beautiful/sexy/young/skinny, etc. and as a result we suffer from low self esteem, eating disorders, etc.

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