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A gringa in Mexico City

This morning, at a coffee stand inside the Terminal del Norte bus station in Mexico City: Me: I'd like a cafe americano with milk, please. Young woman: We don't sell an americano with milk. You can get a black coffee or a cappuccino. Me: Can't I just get a small amount of milk in my

The perfect gift for a Mexican-food lover

Last week over lunch at El Cardenal, one of the restaurant’s owners, Marcela Briz, stopped by our table. Dining with me were some fancy guests -- Penny, two chefs from the States and Ruth Alegria. So Señora Briz graciously gave us each a little present: a lotería game she researched and designed based on traditional

Where to eat in Mexico City: Con Sabor a Tixtla

I stumbled on Con Sabor a Tixtla by chance. I’d been wandering around the Roma neighborhood, looking for a few new places to add to Eat Mexico’s Taco Tour, when I saw a chalkboard menu propped up on the sidewalk. Colorful tables and umbrellas had been spread out in a neat row, and baskets of