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An afternoon with Diana Kennedy at Mexico City’s UNAM

It seems like everything I’ve dreamed of doing in Mexico, Diana Kennedy has already done -- which makes sense, considering she arrived here in 1957. Kennedy has worked in a Mexican panadería. She has toured the country befriending fabulous cocineras, and coaxed out the secrets of their prized recipes. She's passionate about preserving traditional Mexican

How to make homemade corn tortillas, using an electric grain mill

I wasn’t an immediate whiz on the Nixtamatic. The instruction manual for my new corn grinder was woefully lean. It basically said, “Turn it on and enjoy!” so I waited until Lola came over to clean, thinking she might have intrinsic knowledge of how the thing worked because she was Mexican. (This seems like a

Fun food finds at the Mexico City newsstand

Mexico City newsstands lie just about on every block, and they're kind of funny places. Most of the magazines are wrapped in plastic, so you really can't stand and read as much as stand and stare at the titles. The newspapers are often clothes-pinned to a rack so you can only see the front page.

And… we have a winner!

Wow. I am so amazed by all the comments over the past three days. Y'all shared some fantastic memories, and I felt honored to read each of them. I wish I could give everyone just a little something (and maybe I will get to do that someday, when I'm rich and famous), but alas, the

How to make a proper chile en nogada

Every year in late summer and early fall, the chile en nogada makes its brief run through Mexico. The star ingredients, walnuts and pomegranate seeds, are not available any other time of the year. So it's a festive time. Restaurant storefronts become festooned with "We have chiles en nogada!" banners. Pomegranates glitter at the tianguis.

Where to eat in Mexico City: Charro

Some of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City are the ones that take traditional Mexican ingredients and turn them on their heads. For instance, Mexicans have traditionally eaten amaranth grain as a sort of sweet snack. But why not take amaranth and use it in a savory dish? Heck, why not go the other direction