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Day of the Dead altars in Atlixco and Huaquechula, Puebla

Due to a quirk in my travel schedule, I was able to spend this year’s Day of the Dead in Mexico. My friend Rebecca organized an excursion to Huaquechula and Atlixco, two towns not too far from Puebla city. Rebecca had gone to Huaquechula a few years earlier, and she'd had the kind of experience

Five Mexican recipes to make for Day of the Dead

Up until this year, I wasn't quite sure what the typical Day of the Dead Foods were in Mexico, beyond the traditional pan de muerto, candied sweets and hot chocolate. I had an idea of the sweets, but what about the savory stuff? I did some research and it turns out that Day of the

Feliz Día de los Muertos!

Day of the Dead is celebrated tomorrow and Friday in Mexico. This week I'm finally feeling the spirit. Here is the altar I put up yesterday in our living room: ... and the Pan de Muerto I had for breakfast, purchased from La Puerta Abierta Bakery in Roma. (Verdict: thumbs up, although it didn't have

How to make a Día de los Muertos altar

I had never built a Día de Los Muertos altar until two years ago. It was my first year in Mexico, so I put up a few photos and some candles, and a sugar skull I'd bought at the Feria de Alfeñique in Toluca. After the holiday was over I didn't want to take my

Day of the Dead sugar skulls in Toluca

I'm loving this time of year. Here I was, thinking the city went crazy for El Dieciséis, but Day of the Dead is so much more colorful, and soulful. Brightly colored sheets of papel picado hang in store windows. Velvety, crimson terciopelo flowers sit in vases at restaurants. Orange marigolds, the traditional Day of the

My first pan de muerto

It's Day of the Dead season in Mexico City, meaning pan de muerto has suddenly appeared in all the bakery windows. The light, sugary loaves taste faintly of orange, and they're criss-crossed with doughy ropes meant to signify "bones." After trying them on my last Concha Taste Test, I wanted to learn how to make