Cuauhtemoc Archive

Tacos de canasta, literally, “basket tacos”

It took me awhile to warm up to tacos de canasta. They're the soft, steamed tacos sold on the street, and they're usually stacked in cloth-covered basket. Unlike at the regular street taco stands, where the vendors are furiously chopping meat or dunking flautas in a fryer, nothing really happens at a tacos de canasta

Mexican convenience-store wars

One of the things I loved about living in my apartment was that we had an Extra, a local convenience store chain, a half-block away. They accepted my torn peso bills, unlike the other Extra two blocks away. And they had Bud Light. (Kinda nice when you're feeling homesick.) Then, last week, Crayton and I

My first, self-organized Mexico City street food tour

Just around the corner from my house, there's a line of street food stands maybe six deep. They're so close, we can hear the dudes rolling out their steel carts in the wee morning hours. At various times of they day, you can find chocolate and rice atole, plastic cups brimming with yogurt and cereal,