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So long, Puebla – A wrap-up of the International Mole Festival

After two days of Puebla's International Mole Festival, I came home to Mexico City with stars in my eyes. I'd learned about mole and regional Mexican food from some of the top culinary minds in Mexico. I'd met some of Puebla's top chefs, and watched mayoras make foods from their pueblos. And there was the

Grinding chocolate on the metate, the traditional Mexican way

Most people probably think of chocolate as being European, but the cacao bean itself -- the bitter seed that gives chocolate its taste -- is native to Mexico. The Mayans were the first to domesticate the crop, thousands of years before the Spaniards arrived. (The name cacao actually comes from the Mayan word kakaw.) Later,

Mexican chocolate tofu pudding with homemade churros

I've been dreaming about Mexican chocolate tofu pudding since Crayton forwarded me the New York Times recipe a few weeks ago. It was my turn on our recipe exchange, so I ditched my Mexican chocolate ice cream idea and told everyone I was making dairy-free pudding. A few people were like, "Wait.... what?" None of

My second love, after my husband

The chocolates at Que Bo!, a shop in my neighborhood, are almost too pretty to eat. They look like marbles, almost. One bite and it's over. You want to eat all of them at one sitting, preferably with a big glass of wine. Que Bo had a booth at the Chocolate Experience, and I happened