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The glory of the Mexican breakfast

Breakfast in Mexico City is one of my favorite meals. Usually it's a fruit plate or a glass of freshly squeezed juice, followed by a heavy, spicy, substantial dish that will keep you satiated until the 3 p.m. lunch hour. Pancakes in DF can be a dinnertime snack. The most typical Mexican breakfasts offer a

Migas with red peppers and peas

When I was a kid and my brother and I were really hungry, my mom used to whip up this quick tortilla-egg thing. She'd tear tortillas into pieces and fry them in a little bit of oil, and then crack in some eggs. She somehow fried the tortillas exactly how I wanted -- not too

Homemade mini-gorditas de nata

In Mexico City, gorditas de nata refer to two things. They can be round, lightly sweet English-muffin type breads, sold at the markets in plastic bags. Or they’re dense, almost creamy cakes, served warm off the comal. “Nata” means clotted cream -- it’s what rises to the top when fresh milk is boiled. I prefer

Spicy oatmeal with peanuts, cilantro and ginger

One of the things I learned at the ashram was that I eat way too much sugar for breakfast. If I'm not making mamey muffins while Crayton is rolling out of bed, I'm dreaming about making them, or flagging down the bicycle-riding pandulce guy. The problem with this -- besides calorically speaking -- is that

Hearty corn and oatmeal pancakes

Last Friday morning, still snuggled in my bed, I suddenly had an intense desire for pancakes. But then I realized I had no flour. My rolling pantry (really a bunch of Elfa drawers from The Container Store) can only fit small packages of flour, and I'd used mine up to make these chocolate and ginger

Granola with black sapote puree

The black sapote is a popular tropical fruit in Mexico, and it's a funny-looking thing when it's completely ripe. The hard green skin turns soft, dimply, and sunken-in in parts. It looks like a shrunken head, kind of. After cutting it open, the flesh resembles dark-chocolate brownie batter. It's glossy and wet and easy to

Apple granola breakfast crisp, with yogurt

Even though Crayton doesn't start work until 8 a.m., we rarely eat breakfast together. I'm usually still in bed, up late from watching iTunes episodes of Mad Men. And he gets free breakfast at work anyway. Most mornings I eat by myself. It's actually fine, because sitting alone at the kitchen table, I have an

Blueberry oat scones

In an unexpectedly Mexican turn of events, I've become addicted to having something sweet and bready with my coffee in the morning. Mamey muffins, which might be the world's most perfect coffee food, pushed me over the edge. Since then I've dabbled in walnut-raisin bread, cornbread smeared with butter, unleavened cinnamon rolls with cream cheese