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How to make a Día de los Muertos altar

I had never built a Día de Los Muertos altar until two years ago. It was my first year in Mexico, so I put up a few photos and some candles, and a sugar skull I'd bought at the Feria de Alfeñique in Toluca. After the holiday was over I didn't want to take my

Buttery, Mexican-style pan de elote

Pan de elote literally means “corn bread,” and it’s one of those iconic Mexican desserts I can’t get enough of. This is not like American cornbread at all. When it's done right, it's like the freshest homemade creamed corn crossed with a flan or bread pudding. It's not so much a bread as a dense,

A plain but lovely pan de muerto, or Day of the Dead bread

Día de los Muertos is my favorite holiday in Mexico City. I love the orange cempasúchitl flowers that suddenly pop up in the street medians and parks, and the altars sprinkled with flower petals and candles. I love watching the seasonal fall foods finally arrive in the markets: pan de muerto, calabaza en tacha, tejocotes.

Crunchy lil’ buttermilk biscuits

I have seen the light, and it is fatty, soft and pearlescent. It's lard. And it's freaking heavenly in biscuits. Made a batch of biscuits this morning, for the first time in years. My friend Tricia is hosting a South Carolina shrimp n' grits meal at her house later today, so I decided to whip

Blueberry oat scones

In an unexpectedly Mexican turn of events, I've become addicted to having something sweet and bready with my coffee in the morning. Mamey muffins, which might be the world's most perfect coffee food, pushed me over the edge. Since then I've dabbled in walnut-raisin bread, cornbread smeared with butter, unleavened cinnamon rolls with cream cheese

Apple brown betty and homemade cinnamon ice cream

So, um, those cinnamon rolls... They didn't turn out very well. The flavor was fine. (Well, okay, I could have added more butter.) But they didn't rise. And they were hard. Even with the cream cheese frosting.... it was like biting into a cinna-frisbee. Bleh. Maybe I boasted too much about kicking the dough's butt?

A dream realized: Whole wheat mamey muffins

As you know, I've been adoring mamey lately. I bought another one on Friday at Mercado San Juan (more on that trip later), and I thought: I HAVE to bake something with this. It's crying out to be more than a breakfast fruit. Bread seemed like too much work. Pancakes, eh, not feeling them lately.