Drinks Pitaya (organ-pipe cactus fruit) agua fresca Strawberry Lima agua fresca Prickly pear agua fresca with lime and chia Salsas Mango pico de gallo Guacamole de molcajete Hot-ass chile piquín salsa Red taquería-style salsa Simple Oaxacan pasilla salsa Salsa with tomatillos and Oaxacan chile pasilla Smoky, spicy chile mora salsa Tomatillo salsa with huauzontles Diana Kennedy's Salsa de Jitomate (used as an enchilada sauce) Salads Smoky grilled romaine and radicchio salad Green bean and chayote salad with queso cotija Snacks Tostilocos Sikil pak (creamy pumpkin seed dip) Mex-Tex green queso with huauzontle and chorizo verde Deliciously smutty huitlacoche quesadillas Hibiscus flower quesadillas Crispy quesadillas with rajas, chicken and cheese Stuffed nopales with black beans and roasted peppers Squash flower, corn and poblano pepper soup Samosa-inspired croquettes with peas and potatoes Spicy camote fries with creamy cilantro dip BLTs with ancho-pasilla spread and sauteed red onions Trout tacos with spicy Oaxacan pasilla cream sauce Breakfast Pre-hispanic parfait: mamey, amaranth, raw oats, pumpkin seeds and yogurt Chicharrón in salsa verde with nopal Homemade strawberry tamales Comida (lunch in Mexico, or the heaviest meal of the day) Chiles rellenos with panela cheese and epazote A simple guisado de quelite (stewed Mexican greens) Savory pumpkin and chorizo tamales Side Dishes Sopa seca de quinoa (Mexican-style quinoa with tomatoes and onions)