My favorite food moments of 2013

I started this year a little heartbroken. Crayton and I had plunged ourselves into a new city. (An expensive one.) We made our home in a pre-war building in Queens, which had roaches in the kitchen and sputtering radiators that woke us up in the middle of the night. We learned to ignore our neighbors. […]

Announcing… I’m writing a cookbook.

One of the things I’ve quietly been toiling away on over the past few years is a cookbook proposal. Late last year I found an agent. And just recently, I signed a contract. Kyle Books, a small publisher based in London, will publish my book -- tentatively titled Eat Mexico -- in the Spring of […]

How to talk Southern

I just spent a week in the South visiting friends and Crayton's family. We had fun, but the trip made me realize that despite being a Southerner by marriage for eight years, I still don't know how to conduct a proper conversation. Strangers -- the waitress at Waffle House, the lady at the gas station […]

Five cooking classes to try in Oaxaca

  From Lesley: Today I'm running a guest post from Dolores Wiarco Dweck, whom I met in Oaxaca last year. She really impressed me with her passion for Oaxaca's cuisine and culture, and the research project she'd created to specifically learn about local cooking classes. Here's more from her. *** My love affair with Mexico’s […]

Day of the Dead altars in Atlixco and Huaquechula, Puebla

Due to a quirk in my travel schedule, I was able to spend this year’s Day of the Dead in Mexico. My friend Rebecca organized an excursion to Huaquechula and Atlixco, two towns not too far from Puebla city. Rebecca had gone to Huaquechula a few years earlier, and she'd had the kind of experience […]

Got a Mexican cheese question? Ask Carlos.

Now that I’m back in the States, I’ve found myself occasionally wondering where to find the best varieties of Mexican cheese, or which American cheeses might have Mexican properties. Just a few weeks ago I emailed Carlos Yescas to answer my questions -- he’s a Mexican cheese expert whom I interviewed on this blog last […]

Five Mexican recipes to make for Day of the Dead

Up until this year, I wasn't quite sure what the typical Day of the Dead Foods were in Mexico, beyond the traditional pan de muerto, candied sweets and hot chocolate. I had an idea of the sweets, but what about the savory stuff? I did some research and it turns out that Day of the […]

Where to eat in Mexico City: Nicos

One of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City, for most of the time that I lived there, was Nicos, a neighborhood spot off a busy avenue in Azcapotzalco. Chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo has presided there for seven years, and his menu of traditional-but-creative Mexican food has turned the place into a citywide destination. He sources […]