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Feliz Año and Happy New Year

I'd originally planned to write this detailed, year-end blog post full of mouthwatering food photos. But then in December, Eat Mexico started booking lots of tours, and I got a few freelance assignments and didn't have much time to blog. I really only came up for air a few days ago. So I wanted to

My second love, after my husband

The chocolates at Que Bo!, a shop in my neighborhood, are almost too pretty to eat. They look like marbles, almost. One bite and it's over. You want to eat all of them at one sitting, preferably with a big glass of wine. Que Bo had a booth at the Chocolate Experience, and I happened

How much do things cost in Mexico City?

This was my biggest question before I moved here. So far, it's been cheaper than Dallas, but not "we can live like kings!" cheap. (Because, um, only one of us has a steady income.) A quick run-down of stuff I've bought recently, using about 14 pesos to $1 USD: Groceries: Box of cereal $2 to

A bisquet, a basket

My current favorite morning/afternoon/whenever snack in Mexico City: Hot bisquets with butter and jam. They're pronounced like "bis-KET" and they don't really taste like biscuits at all. They're dense and sweet, slightly crisp on the outside, and made with either white or wheat flour. They pretty much blow bland English muffins out of the water.

Strawberries do have more fun

Went with my friend Joy yesterday to The Chocolate Experience, a trade show extolling the magic of chocolate. We got free candy bars (Cadbury Fruit & Nut!) and free chocolate milk from Hershey's. We gazed at clothes fashioned out of chocolate by Mexican fashion students, and chocolate paintings. A giant chocolate-covered strawberry walked around, and

My first trip to the Mexican supermarket

Lime-flavored mayonnaise! Pre-cut jicama! Perfect for salads. Or snacking. Or whatever. They also had huge, tube-shaped purple radishes; bags of pre-cut, shredded beets; dried papaya cubes dusted in chili powder (and dried apricots prepared the same way). I wanted to get all that but didn't. Our fridge is only so big. Surprisingly, a lot of