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On Cinco de Mayo: 10 things to love about Poblano food

Puebla is perhaps the only place in Mexico that celebrates Cinco de Mayo. The day honors the Mexican Army's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. For this Cinco de Mayo, I wanted to share more about the food in Puebla, which is some of the best in Mexico. All of

Five cooking classes to try in Oaxaca

  From Lesley: Today I'm running a guest post from Dolores Wiarco Dweck, whom I met in Oaxaca last year. She really impressed me with her passion for Oaxaca's cuisine and culture, and the research project she'd created to specifically learn about local cooking classes. Here's more from her. *** My love affair with Mexico’s

Day of the Dead altars in Atlixco and Huaquechula, Puebla

Due to a quirk in my travel schedule, I was able to spend this year’s Day of the Dead in Mexico. My friend Rebecca organized an excursion to Huaquechula and Atlixco, two towns not too far from Puebla city. Rebecca had gone to Huaquechula a few years earlier, and she'd had the kind of experience

Five days in Tulum

Crayton and I went to Tulum three years ago, and we loved it so much we decided to spend five days there this year. The beach is still spectacular, but the town didn't feel like the same place. New pricey hotels and restaurants lie along the beach road. There’s a Tulum aesthetic now: hand-painted signs

Greetings from Tulum

We're here through Monday night. So far my favorite place to eat has been Hechizo, a quiet restaurant at the end of the beach road. (Thank you Liz for the recommendation.) The chefs, husband-and-wife team Stefan Schober and Hui Thai Low, source their ingredients daily, so the menu depends on what they find and like.

My top 3 Sonoran foods

A few weeks ago we were in Sonora for a wedding. It was only a four day trip, and most of the time we were busy with wedding activities. By the time we had to leave, though, I felt like my eyes had been opened. "Norteño food!" I wanted to shout from the rooftops. "NORTEÑO

On the barbecue trail in Chinameca, Veracruz

It was one of those only-in-Mexico moments: my friend Janneth, yelling into the open window of a stranger’s home. “Señora!” she called. The living room on the other side of the screen was dark. But an older woman’s voice answered back, from somewhere in the depths of the house. “What do you want?” Janneth replied

The foods of Southern Veracruz

Janneth and I had talked about me visiting her in Coatzacoalcos for months, ever since she came back from Coatza one day and started telling me about all the things she saw there that didn't exist in Mexico City -- tubs of small freshwater fish, crackery tortillas, and puffy, airy quesadillas called empanadas, which were

The Mole Festival in San Pedro Atocpan

San Pedro Atocpan is a little town about an hour southeast of Mexico City, nestled in the foothills near Milpa Alta. It's actually closer to the state of Morelos than it is to the Centro Histórico, which is sort of crazy. I like it there. The town is quiet and charming, and some of the