The Best Concha Archive

Concha Taste Test #16: Nicos

A few weeks ago I was eating breakfast at Nicos, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. It's been owned by the same family for more than 50 years, and the chef, Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, cares deeply about using fresh ingredients and promoting traditional Mexican recipes. I had only ever eaten lunch there, but

Concha Taste Test #15: Pastelería Suiza

Let me blow your mind for a second. In Mexico, there exists an item known as the whipped-cream filled concha. One concha. Two halves. Whipped center. It's a concha sandwich. With sweet sugared cream for the filling. I found these conchas at Pastelería Suiza, a bakery in Condesa known for its Rosca de Reyes cakes.

Continuing with the concha taste test: Matisse

The last time I wrote about my concha taste test, some of you recommended Matisse as a good next stop. I hadn't known, but the Condesa cafe is reknowned for its conchas -- they're highlighted pretty much anytime anyone writes about Matisse, on TripAdvisor, Chilango, Twitter and Four Square. Last month I was finally able

Woman of La Concha

Hey! Speaking of conchas, I have a post up about my concha obsession on The Eaten Path, an international-ish food blog that covers everything from barbecue to Thai food. Take a looksie if you've got a few minutes. The photo above is of my most recent favorite concha, from El Popular in the Centro Histórico.

Searching for the best concha roll at Snob Bistro

I was itching to get out of the house last weekend, so on Sunday morning I told Crayton: "We're going to breakfast." Didn't feel like taking a cab anywhere, and I wasn't in the mood for Sanborns or Bisquets Obregón. So we settled on Snob Bistro, an upscale-ish breakfast and lunch place in the Zona

A gourmet Mexico City food fair

Slow Food Mexico is part of the larger, international organization Slow Food, which supports organic, sustainable eating around the world. Yesterday one of the Mexico chapters sponsored a gourmet food fair in Coyoacán. Local restaurants and small-business owners from all over the country had set up dozens of items under a white tent: artisan mescal,

A new contender for best concha roll: El Cardenal

Two of my Mexican friends, Jesica and Martha, have been teasing me about my high concha roll standards. They can't understand how I didn't like Maque's conchas. "We're going give you a blind taste test!" they said. My response: Bring it. A teensy part of me was starting to lose faith, though. How could I

The Mexican concha roll taste test, round two

Earlier this week, while pondering the ethereal concha roll (why is perfection so out of reach?), I suddenly had an epiphany. Why am I limiting myself? I could be searching for the best bakery, while I'm searching for the best concha. The best bisquet. The best cuernito. The best… pan de muerto. Yeah. The list

A concha taste test update: Am I missing something here?

Concha rolls are never far from my mind, seeing as I'm on a permanent quest to find the best concha in Mexico City. The subject came up again on Saturday night, when my friend Jesica urged me to give Maque another chance. We were sipping tequila at a local lounge. "They're really good!" Jesica said,

A trip to Maque, and my search for the perfect concha roll

As you've probably already guessed, at any given moment of the day, I'm thinking about food in some form or another. I get obsessed with ingredients quickly -- panela cheese! mangoes! mamey! -- and then the obsession peters out, replaced by the next thing. Lately, hovering about it all, is my obsession with the concha