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Meet my newest creation: my son, Tomás

For the past six to eight months I've been working on finishing my Mexico City cookbook, which is finally complete. (More on that shortly.) But the biggest news of all is... I had a baby! Tomás was born two months ago. So far motherhood has been challenging, exhausting and, at the beginning, terrifying -- who

The pozole and the giant pig’s head

I admit I hadn’t really thought the whole thing through when I decided to make pozole with a whole pig’s head. Josefina had suggested that using a pig’s head was the most authentic way to make pozole, and other cookbooks, including Diana Kennedy’s, had agreed. I had already made pozole with pig’s feet and pork

Why I’m in love with Mexican pan dulce

I am pained when I walk by a bakery in Mexico and can’t go inside. It’s like going to a shoe store for me — I want to look at every single piece and wonder if maybe it’s my type. I usually stick to conchas because I’m obsessed, but there are plenty others I like

My favorite food moments of 2013

I started this year a little heartbroken. Crayton and I had plunged ourselves into a new city. (An expensive one.) We made our home in a pre-war building in Queens, which had roaches in the kitchen and sputtering radiators that woke us up in the middle of the night. We learned to ignore our neighbors.

Announcing… I’m writing a cookbook.

One of the things I’ve quietly been toiling away on over the past few years is a cookbook proposal. Late last year I found an agent. And just recently, I signed a contract. Kyle Books, a small publisher based in London, will publish my book -- tentatively titled Eat Mexico -- in the Spring of

How to talk Southern

I just spent a week in the South visiting friends and Crayton's family. We had fun, but the trip made me realize that despite being a Southerner by marriage for eight years, I still don't know how to conduct a proper conversation. Strangers -- the waitress at Waffle House, the lady at the gas station

Being home in New York City, redux

Remember when I posted in June about not feeling like I was home? That's changing. More and more, I’m feeling like I belong here, no doubt because I've spent my first solid 30 days in New York without jetting off to somewhere else. (I had to double-check that on my calendar -- had I really

What it means to be home

Yesterday, my friend Fany and I were trying to make plans to hang out, and I told her I'd be in Mexico for the next two weeks. "Again?" she said. "You know, you haven't arrived." She was right: I hadn't arrived. I'd moved to New York at the end of January, but I'd been gone

A quick visit back to Mexico City

I'd been kind of nervous about visiting Mexico City so soon after moving to New York. Five weeks in a new place is not long enough to put down roots, and a glimpse of my former life -- a two-week glimpse amid gorgeous weather -- might unravel the fragile routine I'd built for myself. I

My first cookbook

While going through some old stuff from high school and college last weekend at my dad’s, I found this book, which I thought I’d thrown out. I opened it and saw that I’d written on the inside. “This book belongs to: Lesley Téllez 6/26/91.” I was 12 years old. I loved this book. Betty Crocker's