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Homemade orange-pineapple juice

Lately, whenever people ask me, “How’s New York?” I answer, “Fine.” Then I realize that might sound negative, so I add, “Good! Fine. You know. Good.” What I really want to say is: I’m not sure if I like this place. Yesterday the temperature hit 51 degrees, it hit me that maybe it was just

Black bean migas with roasted tomato salsa

These migas caught my eye on the Homesick Texan blog a few days ago. Her recipe called for black-eyed peas, and it was already New Year’s Eve and I didn’t have any. (Does that make me a bad honorary Tejana?) I did have black beans, though. And a good friend from Austin who’d be joining

Five Mexican recipes to make for Day of the Dead

Up until this year, I wasn't quite sure what the typical Day of the Dead Foods were in Mexico, beyond the traditional pan de muerto, candied sweets and hot chocolate. I had an idea of the sweets, but what about the savory stuff? I did some research and it turns out that Day of the

Fried Brussels sprout and bacon tacos with charred tomato salsa

Last week I went to a food fair near Madison Square Park, and I was super excited to try a deep-fried Brussels sprout taco I’d read about online. The taco, which I gobbled up in about three bites, was fine enough. It had creamy sauce and pureed beans, and some pickled onions. But it wasn’t

Roberto Santibañez’s sweet-and-crunchy grape guacamole

I’m generally an guacamole purist. Or really, an avocado purist: pass me a few slices of ripe avocado, a sprinkle of salt and a crispy tortilla, and I am perfectly happy. But when Roberto Santibañez’s PR team passed me a recipe for grape guac a few weeks ago -- smooth and crunchy, it promised; spicy

For those hot summer days: agua mineral preparada

I have a guest post today from my friend Macarena Hernández. She told me this story while I was hanging out with her in San Antonio recently. Agua mineral preparada is one of my antojos. They’re very easy to find in the Rio Grande Valley, and along the border, at drive-through stores. Depending on where

Pozole: A soup without borders

I have a guest post today from Laura Elliott, an American expat living in Mexico City. Her new blog is called American Chilanga, and it's about her adventures in the city that we both love. In this post, she writes about her mother's pozole, a warm, comforting dish that's only slightly related to Mexico City's

Quick chipotle salsa in Puebla York

Since moving to New York, Crayton and I have suffered from intense salsa deprivation. It took me awhile to start making my own because I kept looking for chile de árbol, the go-to red table salsa ingredient in Mexico City. But the chiles de árbol in Queens always looked stemless and old and sad. The

Crispy quesadillas with rajas, chicken and cheese

For the past few weeks, meal-planning has made me anxious. I couldn’t think of any dish that would make me feel how I used to in the kitchen -- relaxed, happy, a gusto. This is probably because our temporary kitchen had dull knives, no blender and two tiny pots that held four cups of liquid

Gorditas infladas de anís (puffy anise-seed gorditas) with cajeta

I fell in love with the gordita inflada in Veracruz. Remember this beauty? She came to me in Coatzacoalcos, warm and crunchy with anise seeds, dribbling bits of mole. And then there were these little cuties in Xico, lined with a layer of black beans. The gorditas in Mexico City are not what one would