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Mezcal and the milpa in the state of México

One of the things I love about running Eat Mexico is that I get to meet people who are passionate about Mexican food and Mexican traditions. This weekend, two of those people -- Gustavo and his girlfriend Karina, who help me with my mezcal tour -- offered to take me to the state of Mexico,

On the mezcal hunt in Roma Norte

Lesley's husband Crayton is filling in this week with a few posts. There is a plant in Mexico called the maguey. (Americans sometimes call it a century plant.) It's a variety of agave, a cousin to the blue agave from which tequila is made. But maguey and other agave family members produce their own special

Prepping for a mezcal tour

While Lesley’s studying at an ashram in India, her husband Crayton is guest-posting. Please be kind to him. Mezcal (also spelled mescal) is alcohol distilled from the agave plant. If it's made from the right type of agave plant - the blue agave - it's called tequila. Or at least that's my understanding. Liquor snobs,

My new favorite drink, next to licuados

A Mexican friend was kind enough to show me a "bandera" a few days ago. It's a shot of lime juice, tequila and sangrita, and the colors represent the Mexican flag. You can order it with any tequila you want, and you sip it in the order I mentioned. (Yeah, it's a sipping thing --