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A Taco Crawl of Sunset Park, Brooklyn

When I began testing recipes for my cookbook, lots of people asked whether I could find the right Mexican ingredients in New York. When I said yes, they said, "Are you buying them in Sunset Park?" I didn't know Sunset Park, a neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn, south of Red Hook. I had been buying my

Mexican food find: Endotzi huitlacoche

In New York, I can't find fresh huitlacoche anywhere, and the canned stuff is pretty awful: musty and mushy, and too slick and black. A friend told me about Endotzi, a small company based in Mexico that recently started exporting to the U.S. So far you can only find it online in one place, Old

Cantonese food at Shun Wang in Elmhurst

Every time I’d walk by Shun Wang, a Chinese restaurant near my house in Queens, my mouth opened a little. Caramel-brown, glistening ducks hung on a hook inside the kitchen, next to what looked like a chunk of pork belly. I’d want to stay and gawk, but usually some surly Chinese dude in a grease-splattered

An Indian Food Tour of Queens with Madhur Jaffrey

Last week I was in New York for the IACP conference, a huge annual gathering of culinary folks from all over the U.S. -- chefs, food writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs. As part of one of the official pre-conference activities I'd signed up to take an Indian food tour of Queens with Madhur Jaffrey. I was particularly