Scenes from a Mexico City Street Food Tour

One of the things I’m most proud of is starting Eat Mexico, my tourism company that gives walking tours of Mexico City’s street stands, markets and taquerías. Our five local guides — three in Mexico City and two in Puebla — conduct the tours, and my fantastic manager Rebekah carries the day-to-day. I’m in the background, helping develop routes and managing the books, and occasionally answering questions from clients. We recently had a photographer, Teddy Wolff, visit one of our Street Food tours, and his photos made me ache for the city and the food that I love so much. I realized that I haven’t posted many photos of what we do at Eat Mexico on this blog, so here’s a peek at our Street Food Tour, from Teddy’s files.
A tamal de rajas.

A tamal de rajas.

Mexico City burrito stand.

Mushrooms, peppers and cheese, just about ready for a warm flour tortilla. This comes from my favorite burrito stand.

Carnitas stand Mexico City.

A glistening case of carnitas.

Chicharrón at the neighborhood market butcher stand.

This market vendor is always so nice to us, offering our clients a piece of chicharrón.

Chorizo at a neighborhood market.

Doesn't this chorizo look great? A lot of the market butchers prepare their own.

One of my favorite people: el señor que vende los tacos de canasta.

One of my favorite people: el señor que vende los tacos de canasta.

Mexico City fruit stand

This makes my mouth water: lime juice and chile powder on freshly cut fruit.

Fruit Stand in Mexico City
Tlacoyos and pambazos.

Tlacoyos and pambazos crisp on an open-air comal.

Grilling pambazos on the street.

"Con todo?" You will have already answered yes at this point.

A pambazo, just before serving.

A chorizo and potato pambazo, just before serving.

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