Photos of Xico’s Fiesta de la Magdalena

We arrived in Xico just in time for the Fiesta de la Magdalena. Mary Magdalene is the town’s patron saint and she's celebrated yearly in July. I wish I would've known more about the festival, but unfortunately all we could do was watch without really knowing what was going on. After lunch, we saw a group of young people carry a costumed statue of Mary Magdalene on their shoulders, singing hymns as they walked toward the other side of town. Once arriving in the main square, the site of Xico's largest church, a crowd of children danced in brightly colored costumes. Here's a few more of the photos I took, both of the processional and the children dancing.

Another processional, this time leaving Xico's main church

If anyone out there knows a little bit more about the festival, and the significance behind the processional and the costumes, I'd love to hear it!
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