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Yesterday morning I called the broker's wife, who was my original point of contact. She said someone else has already submitted a rental application. (This person looked at the apartment before me, if that matters.) I said: "But I told your husband to call me if anyone else was even close to submitting any paperwork." She said: "Oh, he didn't tell me that." The deal still isn't final; she promised to call me in the next few days if for some reason it doesn't go through. Both Crayton and I took this as a sign that the apartment wasn't right for us -- we haven't spoke to the owner, and we're not going to fight for a place that has already made us feel weird, before we've even moved in. So, this morning I called the Roma apartment broker and told her we'll take it. Just waiting on a confirmation back. I really, really appreciate everyone's thoughtful comments on this whole situation. Even if the apartment hadn't been taken, we would've made it known that the broker's comments made us uncomfortable (even if recognizing housing discrimination is an Americanism, it's worth mentioning to people who are courting foreigners as clients), and we would've definitely made sure that the Korean family wasn't being bumped out of line because of us. In the end we weren't willing to take the apartment and ignore the other factors. Anyway: thanks, again.
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