Día de los Muertos in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán

A typical roadside in the Lake Patzcuaro region, Michoacan Remember my trip to Patzcuaro? It was a research for an article on Día de Los Muertos there. The article was just published American Way magazine, American Airlines' in-flight publication. Check it out here. And now, since I'm currently sick, I'm going to go back to sipping manzanilla and ordering groceries online from Superama. But I can't pick anything too crazy, because then they might not have it, even though it appears right there on the screen. (They let you order it, and then they call and say, "Señora Lesley? No tenemos espinacas. Lechuga romana está bien?") If you know of any homeopathic ways to relieve sinus pressure, I'm all ears.
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