Duff de Mexico: Homer Simpson would be proud

Duff Beer Like many industries in Mexico, the beer market here is basically a duopoly. Two breweries, Modelo and Femsa, control pretty much all the options. While I love me some Mexican beer (Victoria's my fave, and I've heard raves about Noche Buena), sometimes you want something different, you know? Rodrigo Contreras, a young entrepreneur from Guadalajara, apparently felt the same way. In 2006, he successfully registered Duff Beer as a brand here in Mexico, and he's found distribution in various countries around the world. Duff is a Pilsner-style brew now sold in Spain, Belguim, Germany and Colombia. And not in the U.S., since, according to Wikipedia, Matt Groenig isn't hot on the idea, for fear that it'll appeal to children. Crayton was super excited about the chance to drink a real Duff Beer. So using his crazy Googling skills, he found a bar in La Roma called Lucille that sells it. Interestingly, Lucille also sells other independent Mexican brews, such as Cosaco and Tempus. Crayton's Duff Beer verdict: "Real clean taste. Let the aftertaste hit. It's subtle... I could hang with a six pack of this watching a game. I think that's what Homer Simpson would want."
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